Collections Gallery

The Flow Collection

Vibrant colours and tactile surfaces to bring a zing to your space...


Shattered Collection

Really bounces light and colour with a strong crisp feel...

Retro geometrics 

So frustrating, so time consuming, but so satisfying and so fabulous!

Gifts for men

Look I know it's sexist, but I've been asked time and again for men's gift ideas!

Curvaceous Collection

So pleased with this sinuous elegant design, almost too good to put my cake on!

Stylish bathroom accessories

Is it only me who can't find stylish ways to improve bathroom storage?

Brights picture.png


Making the most of the fabulous vibrant colours of glass

Bespoke pieces

As each piece of fused glass is handmade and one of a kind, it makes creating bespoke pieces in colours to match your own decor much simpler.  Check out the Bespoke page for the story behind these products.