My first commission - Splats!

Commission to enliven home workspace

This was my first actual commission and I have a happy customer!  These 'Splats' were created for executive coach Nick Robinson who does some of his work on Skype.  He wanted something for an alcove in his office to make the backdrop to his client conversations more interesting and also act as a stimulus for discussion and debate about the importance of creativity and playfulness at work.  No pressure then!

After much soul searching, I decide to take him up on the pIayfulness theme and created this installation of glass paint 'splats' to fit the space. (They have been fused one more time than you see here so that they bobbles at the end blend in better).  Luckily he loved it!  However, he thought 'Splats' didn't really do the job name-wise.

"If I get to name it myself, I'm going to call it “Take that!” (including the speech marks); because it makes me feel like I’m throwing sticky globs of coloured joy at any grey, boring, spiritless crap that comes my way!"  Nick Robinson


Hilary Sutcliffe