At last, circular geometric finished!

I love doing these things and wanted to see what it was like to do a round one.  I decided to use the grey and black and highlight it with the lovely lemongrass green for a bit of zing for a spare bedroom.  

Frankly it was a nightmare, it took for ever and ever! First I decided to arrange the things in a circle, the way I usually like to do it, higgledy-piggledy instead of cutting them all exactly the same in a descending order of size.  I think it adds some energy, but does make life difficult. 

Then I banged the table and they all fell off.  That was not a good moment.  There was swearing!

I put it in a small plate mould and finally it is done and I really like it.  It looks great on a grey runner as seen here and can be put on any coloured background.

Hilary Sutcliffe